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  • Oppo BDP-95 Vs. BDP-105: The Results!

    Oppo BDP-95 Vs. BDP-105: The Results!

    In short, the 105 tube mod IS better than the 95! It is not a subtle difference and was quite audible!

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  • Speakers, speakers, speakers....

    People often ask WHICH speakers do I recommend with our amps and other electronics. Well, I have a number of speakers that I can recommend, many of which based on owning them and using them every day!

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  • Oppo 105 Tube Mods - NOW TAKING ORDERS!!!

    We are NOW taking orders for the 105 Tube Mods! Dec. 10, 2012.

    Price: $2295

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  • Oppo BDP-105 Tube mods - REALLY GLOWING NOW!

    I have decided that the headphone section will remain stock. I may offer a headphone specific upgrade, but I am too concerned about creating TOO high of output levels and damaging headphones or ears! I did NOT find improvement by using these extra DACs in parallel with others for our tube stage.

    Silver wire installed and WOW it sounds good! This is the 105 with tube mods that I am speaking of now!

    My mod tech is going to work out the final mod board mounting and mechanical details over the weekend and the first unit will be complete next week. The list of those interested or waiting to order the 105 tube mods is long and growing!

    I am also working on the 103 SS mods. I did NOT realize how much current the 5V supply draws, so I have had to order a bigger transformer for this and will be implementing updates to the SS mod design next week. What I do for the 103 SS mod will translate largely to the 105.

    The 105 tube mods will be rolled out next week and the SS mods for 103 and 105 will follow next week.



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  • Oppo 105 Updates!

    Further upgrades to test in, include silver wire, Tantalum resistors and dialing in tube bias (operating point) of tube circuit for ideal synergy.

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  • Oppo BDP-105 - Make it Glow!

    Oppo BDP-105 - Make it Glow!

    I am currently listening to hi-rez streaming files from my PC through the USB inputs on the Oppo 105, using the Oppo’s DACs, feeding our tube analog stage. I am comparing two different external power supply designs…

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  • New Mods: Oppo BDP-103 and BDP-105!

    The 105 will be a WORLD CLASS player AND DAC, with our tube analog stage, for < $3500 and will perform at the $10K+ range ABSOLUTELY!

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  • On music and passion...

    I believe that we often lose sight of what audio equipment is designed to do….to produce music as natural and accurately as possible.

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  • Open House at Echo Audio in Portland OR!

    Open House at Echo Audio in Portland OR!

    If I could sum up the theme of the evening in one thought:
    Music, sharing, energy and revelation.

    Bravo Kurt, for a great evening and for Echo Audio, offering a gateway to the joys of music through quality audio gear for ALL.

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  • And so it begins...

    And so it begins...

    ‘Modern Integration’ is a GOOD thing. Computers, smart phones, Integrated amps and the way we enjoy music is changing, for the better.

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