Marantz SA8005 ‘Truth’ Tube Mods

Please note – This product is no longer available. For informational purposes only.

Please note – This product is no longer available. For informational purposes only.

Tube Modification for the Marantz SA8005 CD/SACD Player and DAC!

Price: $2495 (Modification Only)

Customer Feedback:

“I am a Huge fan of anything that Dan of ModWright has Re-engineered! From my personal experience, I have not found anything that even come close to the performance of MW Sony 5400 and now the MW Marantz SA8005 Tube CD Players.

The sound of this player is Fantastic, life-like image size, wide/high sound-stage and a very DEEP sound-stage like nothing I have heard before; it actually draws you into the recording venue with layers of depth, ambiance and subtle cues that are so realistic. Even basic CDs sound fantastic and SACD is OFF the chart.

This MW SA8005 player will give you Great sound and offer one the ability to dip into Hi-Rez streaming without eliminating those shiny discs that we have grown to love due to simplicity. This unit is here to STAY until Dans next discovery…” – R. Wiggins (Audio Circle Post)

Tube mod includes:

  • Total redesign and replacement of single-ended output stage with our own tube analog stage (5687 driver tubes).
  • External PS 9.0 with tube rectifier (5AR4, GZ34, 5R4GYS 5U4, 5V4 and equivalents).
  • Truth umbilical of our own design.
  • Upgraded Furutech IEC.
  • Highest Quality resistors in key signal path applications.
  • All MWI M-type capacitors in signal path.
  • Upgrades to internal stock power supplies.
  • Damping mods for chassis and transport.
  • External supply available with optional Hole to allow for use of taller, larger diameter tubes other than 5AR4/GZ34 (just ask).

Optional Upgrades:


Installation of Bybee rail at critical voltage to DAC = $225. The purpose of the Bybee rail is to SIGNIFICANTLY (MEASURABLE!) upgrade power quality of the critical 5V DAC voltage rail. This translates to lower jitter and a lower noise floor. This is an entirely different technology than Bybee purifiers which we have also used for years now with great success. This is a breakthrough technology!
The upgrades improves resolution, detail and decay which leads to broader sound stage and a more natural musical presentation, with out edge or glare.


The Pulse Gen ZX operates on the principle of noise absorption in the space surrounding the internal power supply within the player.
It simply it adds more dynamic and detail, due to a further lowering of the noise floor.
The Pulse Gen ZX upgrade option is $400.

Dan Wrights Thoughts:

This player was chosen for modification design because it offers CD/SACD playback AND, importantly, digital inputs (RCA, toslink and USB) for use as a DAC for Redbook and streaming Hi-Rez playback, including DSD2!

The design of the SA8005 is exceptionally well thought out as a Dedicated Music Player! The non-resonant mechanical construction, well thought out internal power supply design and extremely well isolated digital circuitry are not commonly seen at this level of stock product. These all make the Marantz SA8005 the ideal candidate for our Truth Mods!

The modified unit offers the Biggest sound stage of any player we have modified to date! It is more organic, natural, resolving and musical than our previous mod offerings. This all represents what I have learned in my recent journey into tube amp design and our recent SWL 9.0 Anniversary Edition preamp design.

I am excited about this new mod. It offers the ideal solution for CD, SACD disc playback and all other digital streaming playback, including DSD!

Ordering Details:
Customer must supply the player and may have it drop-shipped to our address from retailer.

50% non-refundable deposit required to secure a firm start date. Work will be completed in no more than two weeks from start date. Remainder due, including shipping cost, upon completion of work.

The phone has been ringing and the feedback coming back from our customers has been stellar! If you are interested, please call or email us right away!

Thank you,

Dan Wright
ModWright Instruments Inc.

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