Pioneer UHD LX-500 Tube Modification

Please note – This product is no longer available. For informational purposes only.

Please note – This product is no longer available. For informational purposes only.

Pioneer UHD LX-500 Tube Modification

Price: $1500 (Modification Only)

Following in a long tradition of tube mods for CD, DVD and Universal Players, the Pioneer benefits from our work with Sony, Oppo, Marantz and other Pioneer players. The LX-500 allow to offer a one-box solution with the power supply built into the player. We provide two transformers and our own linear power supplies for digital and tube audio circuitry. The entire stock analog stage is bypassed after the AKM DAC and replaced with our own Class A, Lundahl transformer coupled tube analog stage. The mod offers the body, weight and 3-dimensionality of tubes whilst maintaining exceptional detail, resolution and bass response.

The LX-500 offers full Universal disc playback and also allows for playback of digital files, including DSD and hi-rez, via external USB storage. All methods of 2CH Audio playback benefit from the modification.

The modification is intended to transform the performance of the player as a 2CH Audio device. We do not limit, nor do we seek to improve the video or digital out circuitry. In addition to the replacing the analog stage, we further damp the enclosure and cover to reduce vibration and replace the power inlet module with a Furutech IEC.

Tube mod includes:
Upgraded Furutech IEC.
Two linear power supplies added for digital and analog power.
SS rectified and regulated, Class A tube analog stage.
Lundahl signal tranfsormers.
MWI M-type coupling capacitors.

Optional Upgrades:

The Pulse Gen ZX operates on the principle of noise absorption in the space surrounding the internal power supply within the player.
It simply it adds more dynamic and detail, due to a further lowering of the noise floor.
The Pulse Gen ZX upgrade option is $400.

Dan Wrights Thoughts:
More detailed, dynamic and resolving without etch or glare.
Bigger sound stage with a sense of space; instruments and vocals are more defined.
With an improvement to the power supply, the base more defined & adds weight & body to the sound.
3-D tube presentation in a one-box solution.

Ordering Details:
Customer must supply the player and may have it drop-shipped to our address from retailer.

50% non-refundable deposit required to secure a firm start date. Work will be completed in no more than two weeks from start date. Remainder due, including shipping cost, upon completion of work.

Thank you,

Dan Wright
ModWright Instruments Inc.

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