KWH 225i Hybrid Integrated

KWH 225i Hybrid Integrated

The KWH 225i represents the culmination of years of SS and tube preamp and amplifier design. Our preferred approach has always been that of a hybrid system. The KWI 200 SS integrated amp was a big success for us, offering excellent performance and integration. The KWH 225i takes things to the next level. We combined the solid state output stage of our Reference KWA 150SE amp with the controls and integration of the KWI 200 and a tube preamp stage. We then increased the power to 225W. The result is the KWH 225i. We think you’ll like it!

ModWright KWH225i Hybrid Amplifier

Change of the Gaurd with ModWright Integrated KWH225i

225W at 8 ohms at .04% THD.
400W at 4 ohms at .04% THD.

(3) pairs RCA inputs.
(1) pair XLR inputs.
(1) pair RCA Home Theater Bypass or Preamp Input.
(1) pair RCA Preamp-ouputs.
(2) Pairs 5-way binding posts.
Front panel controls: Input select, power, volume and HTBP.
Remote Control: Volume, Mute, Input, Power, Display dim/off.
Class A/B Operation. First 25W in Class A.
Zero Global Negative Feedback.
Optional: MM/MC Phono with one pair RCA inputs.
(2) 6922 driver tubes (6dj8, ECC88, 7308 acceptable substitutes).
Dimensions: 17.75“W x 17.5“D x 6.5“H
Product Weight: 64 lbs / Shipped Weight: 70 lbs

Gain: 30dB.
Frequency Response: 20Hz-100Khz (+/-0dB).
Input Impedance: 20K.
Input Sensitivity: 2V rms.
Max input level: 6 Vrms (18V pk-pk).

User Installable.
(1) set RCA inputs.
Phono Gain: 50dB.
MM & High Output MC.
Loading: 50-100-500-1K-47K-100pf.

I have been one of the very first in France to get your new KWH225i. I received it 3 weeks ago from HIFI Link (Lyon), I need to tell You how much my Bowers&Wilkins 802D3 falled in love with it in a few minutes. The more important words are transparency, natural, no make up, Everything is precise and homogenic, every instruments are at the right place in a large and deep audio space scene but every instrument is a part of whole instrumentation arrangement. From Albarn(Damon) to Zappa (Frank), from Bach to Snarky Puppy, from Miles Davis to Mozart, everything is a new pure pleasure to listen to…and guess what…During this Covid19 period of sanitary restrictions, I have plenty of time to listen to my Vinyle collection through a fantastic audio HIFI system. Thanks to bring up that quality and that sound passion through your material. – F. Colas, France

KWH 225i Hybrid Integrated. American Craftsmanship. Timeless in every way.

Proudly hand crafted in the U.S.A.


Technical Specs

KWH 225i Hybrid Integrated

(3) pairs of RCA inputs

(1) pair of XLR inputs

(1) pair of Home Theater Bypass Input

(1) pair RCA Preamp-ouputs

(2) pairs 5-way binding posts

Gain: 30dB

Frequency Response: 20Hz-100Khz (+/-0dB)

Input Impedance: 20K

Input Sensitivity: 2V rms

Max input level: 6 Vrms (18V pk-pk)

Front panel controls: Input select, power, volume and HTBP

Tubes: (2)6922/6dj8/7308

Class A/B Operation

First 25W in Class A

Zero Global Negative Feedback

Dims: 17.75W x 17.5D x 6.5H

Product Weight: 64 lbs

Shipped Weight: 70 lbs


Remote Functions

Power, volume, mute, input select, dim/turn off displays


Optional SS Phono Stage

User Installable

(1) set RCA inputs

Phono Gain: 50dB

MM & High Output MC

Loading: 50-100-500-1K-47K-100pf

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