Oppo Sonica DAC & Network Streamer Tube Modification

Please note – This product is no longer available. For informational purposes only.

Please note – This product is no longer available. For informational purposes only.

Tube Modification for the Oppo Sonica DAC & Network Streamer!

Price: $2495 (Modification Only)

Tube mod includes:

  • Total redesign and replacement of op-amp based stock analog stage with a fully balanced, pure Class A, tube/transformer coupled analog stage (6922 driver tubes).
  • External PS 9.0 v. 10 with tube rectifier (5AR4, GZ34, 5R4GYS 5U4, 5V4 and equivalents).
  • Truth umbilical of our own design.
  • Highest Quality resistors in key signal path applications.
  • All MWI M-type capacitors in signal path.
  • External supply available with optional hole to allow for use of taller, larger diameter tubes other than 5AR4/GZ34 (just ask).

Dan Wrights Thoughts:
The Sonica DAC has fabulous technology and connectivity, including all current DSD decoding abilities. In stock form, I found it very revealing, but a bit cold and clinical. With our new fully differential, transformer coupled analog stage (6922 based), I am VERY pleased. It is still revealing and open, but the sound stage is much bigger and the sound is more organic with none of the hard edge or glare of the stock unit. Importantly, I find the Sonica DAC mod to be more resolving and dynamic than our past Oppo mods. I feel the Sonica to be among the best mod sound that we have ever produced.

Ordering Details:
Customer must supply the player and may have it drop-shipped to our address from retailer.

50% non-refundable deposit required to secure a firm start date. Work will be completed in no more than two weeks from start date. Remainder due, including shipping cost, upon completion of work.

Thank you,

Dan Wright
ModWright Instruments Inc.

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