Weiss DAC 204/205 ModWright Linear Power Supply (LPS)

The ModWright Linear Power Supply (LPS) for the Weiss DAC 204

The ModWright Linear Power Supply (LPS) for the Weiss DAC 204 (and 205) is designed to provide low noise and high power. It is based on redundant voltage regulators with AC mains and DC filtering. The power transformer is 500% oversized to allow for zero current limiting.

Compared to the stock switching supply that ships with the Weiss DAC 204, the noise floor is measurably and obviously lower. This translates to better bass, wider soundstage and improved detail and resolution.

The Weiss DAC 204 represents tremendous performance and value in a < $4K DAC. It handles all input and output connectivity for digital and analog signals and accepts all current hi-rez formats. It does this in a diminutive enclosure and small footprint. The power supply is necessarily outboard for this reason. The only thing that the stock Weiss DAC 204 lacks in my opinion, is a very good power supply.

The Weiss DAC power supply includes a 3ft, 2-conductor umbilical, terminated with a SpeakON connector at the power supply end and 2.5mm stereo jack at the DAC input.

Operating Instructions:

When first installing the ModWright Weiss DAC power supply, first plug an AC power cord into the Weiss DAC. This should always be a fully grounded AC power cord.

Making sure that the Weiss DAC is POWERED OFF, connect the SpeakON connector end of the umbilical to the Weiss DAC power supply.

Connect the 2.5mm stereo jack end of the umbilical into the Weiss DAC power entry jack.

When you power on the Weiss DAC, there will be a momentary delay before it fully powers up, of about a second.

Always power the Weiss DAC off before plugging or unplugging the power supply.

Please Note: The power supply is always getting power and always on. The Weiss DAC however, is not powered on until you turn the Weiss DAC on via the front toggle switch.

Technical Specs

DC Output: 9V DC (8V indicated on rear of enclosure)

Product Dimensions: 4.2”W x 3.8”H x 10”D

Product Weight: 4.5lb

Fuse Size: 0.30 amp

Shipping Dimensions: 8”W x 8”H x 14”D

Shipping Weight: 6.0lb


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