ModWright Truth Umbilical

Please note – This product is no longer available. For informational purposes only.

Please note – This product is no longer available. For informational purposes only.

ModWright Truth Umbilical – For Modified Players ONLY

I am proud to put the ModWright name on this cable!

Retail price = $300 for 4ft. length
Ordered with Modifications = $250 for a 4ft. length

The design consists of hybrid pure solid core copper and silver wire for critical high voltage tube supplies and Cardas Litz wire for critical ground. There is no overall shield. We use a proprietary geometric shielding design, which serves to shunt all RF and noise to ground at the power supply, to earth ground. The last step involves cryo of the entire cable to optimize conductivity and crsytalline structure of materials and solder joints, post-build.

The differences are NOT subtle! Increased resolution, separation and clarity jump right out. It initially seemed as though the volume were increased with the new umbilical, but in actual fact, it is simply greater separation between notes and less smearing. Bass is tighter and more authoritative with greater separation between and around notes. The sound with the new umbilical is fresh, authoritative and visceral.

Materials include Cardas’ solid-core ultra-pure copper and silver conductors, drawn from their own diamond dies. The purpose of the design was minimal dialectric, no overall shielding, the purest metals and a combination of copper and silver to includes the sonic strengths of both materials. Because the tube stage and power supply are engineered by us, we are able to provide the cleanest DC power path between player and supply!

This is highly recommended for ANY ModWright Tube Modified players with external power supply.

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