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More positive feedback from our happy customers!

KWA 99 Mono Block Amplifiers:
“In the system for which we purchased the KWA99s, it was quickly apparent that a special synergy was happening. The Modwright LS36.5/KWA99 pairing elevated the system’s performance to a level that had eluded previous highly reviewed class A/B, class D, and tube amps at similar price points we’ve used. As we know, exceptional system synergy can be an elusive target and we think we’ve finally found it. Instrumental timbre & dimensionality, perception of the recording venue’s character, & general sense of heightened aural reality are all improved. The Modwrights have that elusive ability to draw you into the music and free you from having to ignore distracting artifacts often heard from components. We listen to all genres of music and the KWAs reproduce them all without issue or favoritism. Encouraging emotional connection to the music is as important as technical refinement and the KWA99s definitely deliver on the former and provide major quantities of the later, especially at the price.” – Will L. 6.24.2024

PH 9.0XT Tube Phono Stage:
“I had a strong feeling that the T option was going to make all the difference, but it is an understatement to say your phonostage combined with a Hana umami Red is pure magical bliss.  There’s a beautiful balance between bass, midrange, treble and soundstage/holographics.”J. Grummons 3.3.24

ModWright Linear Power Supply for Weiss DAC 204:
“Just wanted to let you both know that I received the unit over last weekend and it is a wonderful LPS. I had to travel this week a bit for work, but have been listening as often as I can. I notice more layering in the soundstage, air around instruments, and an even more natural overall tone from the 204. Bass was a bit better for me, but I use Dynaudio Heritage Special speakers so I don’t get the deepest bass and I am not a bass freak anyway, preferring natural tone all the time. There is an additional dynamic touch as well that is just wonderful. The Weiss DAC is great for the money, but this really pushes it into another level.” Chris B. 1.21.24

Analog Bridge Analog Tube Processor:
“…the Analog Bridge adds that exact depth and dimensionality to digital that I have been futilely searching for with DAC swaps over the years.  And it does it without taking away the precision or detail of my favorite DACs.  Amazing.” – R. Cheng 12.18.23

PH 9.0X ‘T’ and Umbilical Upgrade:
“First, out of the box, the tube rectifier upgrade provided an immediate positive impact. It seemed to improve clarity right away. It was like the previously installed “X” upgrade suddenly engaged at a new level. My system seems much quieter, with more revealing/detailed treble and more involving midrange, and the bass is deeper & more articulate. Most notably, the front-to-back presentation is better layered (background vocals/dynamics did not move forward, but they are much easier to hear).

With the umbilical upgrade, I heard everything I mentioned earlier. Still, the umbilical seemed to improve soundstage stability, revealing more of the recording venue/mastering spatial queues, and the newly enhanced soundstage’s left-to-right/front-to-back “feels” right. Records I have listened to for years are so much more involving and enjoyable.” – M. Holland 12.29.23

KWH 225i Tube Hybrid Integrated Amplifier:
“The new amp arrived last week and is hooked up to the system.  To say I was pleased with the sound is an understatement.  This amp excels everything I’ve tried out by a big margin.  And I didn’t want to spend the money unless I was seriously impressed.  The ModWright amp blew me away.  My wife and I always listen to ELO’s Out of The Blue CD whenever new equipment shows up in the house, since we’ve both been listening to it for 47 years and are pretty familiar with the sound.  I couldn’t believe the detail and nuance which the amp delivered on something I am so familiar with.  New sounds emerged from the background, instrument separation was extraordinary, and the overall sound quality was so good I wanted to keep listening to more music.

And I did.  Nearly everything has a fresh new quality.  Classical music albums and CDs just sound wonderful, and the bass is rich without being boomy in my small room.  Strings sound full with a depth which I didn’t think the Sonus Fabers were capable of producing.  I was concerned that a solid-state amp would be harsh to my ears after 20+ years, but it was not the case.  It has nice clarity and detail, along with the smoothness which I like.

Aesthetically the amp is attractive with a simple elegance.  The black case fades into the background, and I really appreciate the ability to turn down the display from bright to off.  And I love the remote.  Nice little chunk of metal that only does what I need: power, volume and display. 

I listened to an all tube amp for 20+ years, which I believe is critical, and the Modwright hybrid compared favorably.  My worry was a solid state or hybrid amp would sound harsh and not have the tubey sound I’ve grown accustomed to.  All of my interactions with you and the company further reinforced my desire to purchase American made products whenever possible.

The entire process from start to finish has been excellent, and your customer service is extraordinary.  I’m officially on Team ModWright.” John C. in MN 6.24.24

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