KWI 200 Release!

The KWI 200, 200W SS Integrated amp has now been released and is in full production, with units already having been shipped all over the world!

The KWI 200 was well received at RMAF 2011.  We showed with a simple and yet beautiful sounding system, consisting of modified tube-modified Oppo BDP-95 (~$3K) as source, KWI 200 Integrated ($5K US) and Daedalus Athena Loudspeakers (~$9,895).  Cabling was by WyWires.

We chose a simple system with exceptional source, speakers and cables that all represent extremely high value, to showcase the value of our 200W Integrated amp.  Optional 24/192 DAC (USB and RCA) as well as optional Phono stage, allow for a system consisting of KWI 200, speakers and cabling.

For more information, pleaes check out the KWI 200 on our Products Page!


Dan Wright

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