Sony Digital Input Mods….NEWS!!!

OK, so I KNOW it has been a LONG time coming…and I am still not 100% complete with it, but I HAVE made a breakthrough and have NEWS finally!

The problem of noise that has been plaguing me, became clear to be grounding related, after I first resolved it in our KWI 200 and then in our LS 100. I have been trying to use 5V supplies from the player itself, but this is ALSO a no-go. So, with grounding revised AND a dedicated linear 5V supply provided inside the player, for the Digital input and DAC boards, I am rid of the noise!

I still have a few things to tidy up and optimize, but this is the first Sony XA-5400ES and I can say that it WILL be a success!

I will now apply the same grounding changes and SOMEHOW shoe-horn a dedicated supply inside the Oppo 95 and hopefully then will have success all around.

It sounds FANTASTIC! I am listening to a 24/96 feed, from an Logitech Touch, via WiFi of all things (RCA from Touch to Sony) and it sounds LIVE, NATURAL and BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you to all of you who have been SO patient. It will be FINALIZED soon!


Dan W.

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