KWI 200 Feedback!

We are now shipping our High-Power, No-Compromise, Fully Integrated, 200W, KWI 200 SS, with optional phono and DAC (RCA & USB, 24/192, fully asynchronous).

The KWI 200 has been reviewed in HK, France, Vietnam, Singapore, and a review is in the works for Home Theater Online e-zine.

France’s Haute Fidelite gave the KWI 200 5/5 stars!

Following are some quotes from our happy customers and dealers.

I have your integrated with DAC. Probably overkill for an office system, but I surely am happy about it.

I did match it head-to-head with my Lamm Ref 1.2 monos. They are about a year old and… well, they are simply really, really good. Claimed output of 110 per channel, Class A, but they put out more like 180 at clipping into 8 ohms. They run pretty hot.

Anyway, your integrated went toe to toe with them, and there was no knockout. Yours might have even had the edge in center imaging. Overall soundstage, especially depth, and bass definition probably went to the Lamms, but not by much. Let’s just say I forgot about the fact that my reference amps were out of the system.  –J. HIghtower, May 16, 2012.

Hi Dan,

Picked up the fully loaded KWI-200 from Vince @ Tri-cell a couple days ago, looks and sounds great ( as usual ).

Part of this exercise of putting the PHONO and DAC into the mix was to evaluate “ on board “ add on” components, which fewer manufacture are doing these days it seems.

I have an Oracle Paris turntable with carbon fiber arm and Paris 1.6mv output MC cartridge. I made some simple comparisons last night and although the [$8K phono pre from different mfr.] has a slightly better midrange in terms of supple presentation, it is certainly not worth the price of admission when compared to Dans own!

The Modwright phono pre section sounds just slightly stiff ( sharpened, but not edgy ), yet I suspect this will mellow out throughout the break in period.

The DAC has resolution, depth and attack, but does not contain that “ Here’s-your-damn-music “ facet. Bravo.

I think you have likely made the best valued single amplification product currently available at a reasonable price Dan.

At any rate, great product Dan, you guys must be selling them out as fast as they are built man ! – Greg, Canadian Dealer – Image Audio, May 11, 2012

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