RMAF 2013 – IRIS ROOM – Where is the Iris Room????

Hi guys, we will be at RMAF 2013 this yer (OF COURSE!!!), sharing the IRIS room with Daedalus Audio and Wywires for the second year.

The IRIS room is a MUCH larger room than most and we had exceptional sound last year!  It is NOT in the towers or in the upper floors of the atrium.  Rather, it is on the MAIN floor of the hotel, down the hall, where the meeting and other function rooms are.

Attached is a map that we drew up (OK, crude but effective), to clarify WHERE we are this year!

We will be showing the new ‘Elyse’ DAC in near final form in the IRIS room.

We will also be showing an early prototype of our new ‘Black’ phono stage, in room 514 with Dynamic Design cables.

Helius TT/arm and Dynavector XV-1S.

The ELYSE is a fully tubed DAC, transformer coupled in and out with Lundahl transformers, with RCA, XLR, BNC and USB inputs (24./192 full asynch).  Balanced and RCA outs.

BLACK phono features external dual-mono power supply, Lundahl transformer coupling in and out, 68dB gain and variable loading.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all there!


Dan W.

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