Trsyt Headphone Amp Receives Product of the Year Award!!!

2016 Headphone Amp of the Year: The Modwright Tryst Tube Headphone Amplifier

The ModWright Tryst is a collaboration between Dan Wright of ModWright and Damon Coffman from Coffman Labs. The Tryst uses a pair of 6922’s and a quad of 12B4’s to deliver a solid 3 Watts into 18 Ohms from its exceptionally stylish case. The amp has 1/8″, 1/4″ and four pin balanced headphone jacks allowing for virtually any headphone to be used. An external power supply is connected with a custom WyWires umbilical. The sound is open and engaging bringing out a sweet tube essence without it being overly “Tubey”.  In fact, the amp is very fast and it delivers a crisp and accurate presentation, a result many tube amps are unable to produce. The separation of the amp and power supply makes it a very quiet amp with more than ample power to drive you favorite headphones to their best sound. – Eric Neff (


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