HA300 Amp a HIT at CanJam NYC 2018!

Headfi Feedback from CanJam NYC 2018:

“Dan Wright had the best rig hands down with the HiFiMan HE1000 fed into his amp, the HA300 and a tube modded Oppo 205 with an outboard PSU serving as the DAC. Very clean sound with the right amount of bass, treble and midrange one should expect from a rig that runs over $10K” – ‘gloco’ HeadFi Member.


We had a great show, with HiFiMan HE1000 headphones, Mr. Speaker Ether headphones, Dana Cables and the pleasure of showing with Vinh and Norm of Gingko Audio and Jeff Wells of Wells Audio.

We were in the Royale room, which was down a side hall and separate from the main CanJam ‘space’, where the tables are all together and it is very loud and crowded.

I wish signage would have been better to direct people to the high end Headphone Rooms, but I was still very pleased with the quality of serious traffic that we had.  I also found the feedback for our HA300, 300B, 8W Headphone/Integrated amp to be exceptional!

I will be back next year for CanJam NYC 2019!

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