New PH 9.0 Tube Phono!

New Tube Phono from ModWright!

PH 9.0 Tube Phono stage:

MM & MC inputs (64dB/52dB)
On-The-Fly front panel MC loading: 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 470
On-The-Fly front panel MM/MC gain adust: 0, -6dB, -12dB.
Stereo/Mono rear toggle.
MM and MC inputs, front input select.

External power supply with 6ft umbilical.

Tube complement: (2)6C45, (2)6922/6dj8/7308 and equivalent

Color: Silver or Black

Dim’s: Phono = 10″Wx10″Dx4″H; Power Supply = 7″Wx9″Dx3″H.

Product Link:

Following is feedback from our early customers:

“I am happy I chose the PH 9.0. Dan really has provided a benchmark for the ratio of performance to value.” – G. Claggett – 8.31.18 

“I have about 25 hours on the PH 9.0 and it keeps getting better. This phono pre is just so musical. Detailed, but not overly so. One can hear a lot of depth in the music.” D. Minches – 8.31.18 

“Right out of the gate, glorious organic and tactile mid-range. As I put hours on it, the bottom got really solid and it reaches way down. I believe you have hit a home run!” – R. Colburn – 8.25.18

“The PH 9.0 is here, installed, and sounds GLORIOUS. Bravo!!!!” – R. Hughes – 8.31.18

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