KWH 225i Hybrid Integrated Amp!

Introducing the new KWH 225i – Launched as Prototype at Axpona 2019 in Chicago!

Pricing: $8495US

Options: Phono optional ($350 add), user-installable.

DAC: None will be available because technology changes too fast!

HP out I have not decided about.

Home Theater Bypass.

XLR inputs (not likely fully balanced because the preamp section is single ended).


225W into 8 ohms/ 350W+ into 8 ohms.

Output stage of the 150SE Reference Amp (BJT).

Tube preamp stage (6922/6dj8/7308 based).


Only the final prototype was released at Axpona. We are in the final stages of production development and testing, so it will be a little while, but stay tuned! This integrated amp combines the best of all of our tube preamps and best SS amplifiers in one integrated solution!

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