Busy times!

It has been a while since I have posted on the blog, mainly because we  have been busy and my standard work week has been 7-7, M-F! We are starting to get caught back up and my techs are starting to come back to work. This will free me up to do the engineering that I need to do.

A ‘new’ review of our PH 150 phono, actually published in 2015 by Scot Hull of Part Time Audiophile was brought to my attention today. I know I read it then, but never posted it to our site, so here it is! I also want to thank Scot and Part Time Audiophile for the Editor’s Choice award from the same time!

I need to put a PH 9.0 in one of their reviewer’s hands next…

It also includes a review of a Mike Bettinger design, whom I greatly respect as a SS designer!

We are still filling KWH 225i and PH 9.0 orders and backorders. Both pieces are huge hits and this is what has primarily kept me busy 12 hours a day!

I am also workign on the Cambridge Audio CXN Server/DAC mod and I look forward to releasing this when complete!

I hope that this time finds our customers safe, well and enjoying the music!

While these are unusual times, we will alwasy have music and now is a good time to stay home and enjoy audio!

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