Norway HiFi Show 2011 – ModWright Gear!

At the Norway HiFi Show 2011 over the weekend of Sept. 17-18th, our Distributor Hoium Data Hifi received EXCELLENT reception, using ModWright LS 100 and KWA 150 Signature Edition electronics, driving German Physiks speakers.

Link to Gallery with more show photos:

The room was photographed on the front page of the second largest newspaper in Norway on monday. The photo only shows the German Phsyics speakers, but I have attached other photos that show the entire showroom.

Newspaper Link:

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We are obviously very pleased with the excellent reception that we received in Norway and by our exceptional showing of our products by Thomas of Hoium Data and Hifi.

To those in Norway who inquired about an Integrated, the answer is yes, we do have an integrated amp. 

The KWI 200 will be shipping at the end of Oct. and you may find photos and specifications under the products page.

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