Digital Input Mods

It has been a VERY long time coming, I realize. We first mentioned the option of a digital input mod for the Sony XA-5400ES quite a while ago. This same type of mod would also logically be offered for the Oppo mods. Well, we are close but not 100% finished, as we iron out a few programming issues. We do have a good and working hardware design however, and this board is also the basis for our own DAC design that will be available as an upgrade for the LS100 as well as the KWI200. I have also found a good and working solution for 24/192 asynchronous USB Input, that will be a part of our DAC design, but not part of our mod digital inputs (at least not for a while). In short, the long trek is nearing an end and I wanted to give an update to all of you who have been waiting and asking. Thank you, Dan Wright, President, Modwright Instruments Inc.

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