DAC News!

Nov. 25, 2011 – DAC News Update!

We wil receive the DAC PCB’s this coming week and the digital input receiver boards are about two weeks from being complete.

As soon as we receive the DAC boards next week, we can start prototyping the final DAC design for use in our LS 100 and KWI 200 Integrated amp.

Once this is complete, the design for our standalone DAC will proceed.  At this point, the standalone DAC looks like it will be a two-box design with tube power supply and tube analog stage.  It will accept USB (24/192 asynch.), RCA, AES/EBU(XLR), and toslink (optical).

The enclosures will be approximately 8″Wx10″Dx4″H and can sit side by side on the shelf or over/under on different shelves.

We have been working a LONG time on our own digital offering and I am excited to say that all of the individual components are all now complete and final testing will begin next week!

Thanks and please keep checking back for more news!


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