CES 2012….and beyond!

Well, CES is nearly upon us again! 

We will be once again showing at the Venetian, in Suite 30-2222 with Audio Machina Loudspeakers.

We will have two systems:

An integrated system consisting of.

KWI 200 w/phono and DAC.
VPI Classic I TT with high output MC Dynavector cart.
BDP-95 or computer as source for DAC input.
CRM Compact Reference Speakers.

Main system will be:

KWA 150 Signature Edition
LS 100 w/internal DAC
Transport will be Logitec touch or PC
Power Conditioning by Running Springs Audio
New Sub/Monitor system from Audio Machina

The standalone tube DAC with external supply will follow a bit later.  It turns out that this design will be slightly different than the DAC input modules for the LS 100 and KWI 200.  The DAC, clock and digital circuitry will be the same, but we have to revise the controls and data streams to indicate sampling frequency and other controls interface issues.  As a result, a new PCB will be designed, hence the delay.

2012 promises new Digital from ModWright, a standalone tube Phono Stage and more…

Happy Holidays to all and I hope to see you at CES!


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