Open House at Echo Audio in Portland OR!

First of all, Kudos to Kurt Doslu for putting on a fantastic open house at Echo Audio in Portland:

Echo Audio
1015 SW Washington St. Portland OR 97205
888.248.ECHO (3246) or 503.223.2292  /  Email

Portland is a wonderful city, with culture, character and MUSIC!  From the symphony at Arlene Schnitzer Concert hall to fresh music at small venues such as the Roseland Theater.  Portland is simply alive with music!

Echo Audio is a new/used audio shop, that embodies the Portland spirit.  it is urban, hip, and always full of exciting new products and loyal customers, dropping by to see what has been taking in, new or used, for sale.

At the grand opening, artwork by Kurts wife and another local artist were on display both upstairs and adorning the walls of the shop.  The art, modern and abstract on the whole, simply brought the store alive with a virtual feast for the eyes to complement music for the ears.

The most important thing I noted from the evening however, was the diversity of people in attendance.  Young and old, men and women, from the hard-core audiophile, to the younger consumers, checking out the wall of headphones, jacked into their iphones and ipods.

Kurt caries products from Audio Engine, Marantz, to McIntosh, Wadia, Tannoy and ModWright….in short, the full spectrum of audio equipment, from powered desktop speakers, to high-end audiophile systems.

The beauty of this, especially in a city like Portland, populated by equal parts young hipsters and ’empty nest boomers’ is that Echo Audio offers a gateway to and stepping off point, for those just getting into audio as well as the seasoned audiophile.  THIS helps the health of the audio industry in general, educating the next generation of audiophiles.

One of my employees jokes that I’m like a Shark, continuously moving forward, forced to keep water flowing through its gills.  I am continuously moving forward, watching the future and direction of audio, to be sure that we can provide what customers actually WANT, such as Integrated amps and DACs to allow the enjoyment of computer based hi-rez audio!

Music that night was played from a Meridian digital front end, controlled via iPad.  Jeff Dorgay of Tone Audio, DJ’d and he kept the mix FRESH, from Black Sabbath to Beethoven!

We brought a new KWI 200 for Kurt to put on display, but the system that night had already been setup and I got there after it started, so the KWI 200 was not used at the opening.

Kristin and her friend Bruce joined me and they (being the 30’ish youngsters that they are) were blown away by the headphones and excited by the Audio Engine powered speakers.  I agree…the Audio Engine powered desktop speakers are an INCREDIBLE PRODUCT for the office and provide EXCEPTIONAL sound at a very reasonable price.  THIS is where the younger audiophiles will get on the ‘audio train’ I believe.

[Kristin and I]

If I could sum up the theme of the evening in one thought:
Music, sharing, energy and revelation.  

Bravo Kurt, for a great evening and for Echo Audio, offering a gateway to the joys of music through quality audio gear for ALL.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to take time out of your day to ENJOY MUSIC….


Dan Wright
President, ModWright Instruments Inc.

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