Oppo BDP-95 Vs. BDP-105: The Results!

Hi guys, I had a chance to do a direct A/B with the same preamp, same cable between players and preamp and every other variable the same.

Oppo 95 tube mod with tube-rectified and SS rectified external power supply.  Copper internal wiring.

Oppo 105 tube mod with tube-rectified and tube regulated external power supply, silver internal wiring and other bias and design updates to tube circuit, specific to Oppo 105. We also upgraded the power IEC to Furutech and stereo RCA’s to Cardas.

I should point out that the Oppo 95 and 105 tube circuits are very similar.  We changed critical resistors types and biased the circuit differently for the 105, to voice it properly with the new external supply.  We also used ultra-pure silver wire in the 105 vs. copper wire in the 95.

The results:

I found that overall, the 105 was more open, resolving and produced a more natural presentation with a BIGGER soundstage and more holographic imaging.  There was a greater sense of air with the 105.  The 95 by comparison was just a bit warmer and darker sounding, with not as much depth.

They are both exceptional and the mod circuits are very similar, except for the external power supply.  Both players use the same DAC.  The 105 offers a headphone amp and digital inputs via optical, coax and USB, allowing it to act as a DAC – of course using our tube analog stage and taking full advantage of our mods! 

The 105 is $1200 vs. $1K for the Oppo 95.  Oppo REALLY took things to the next level with the 105!  They used a bigger overall enclosure without a fan, to allow totally passive cooling.  They also built an even more rigid and non-resonant enclosure and drive enclosure.  Lastly, the internal linear digital and analog supplies are also more sophisticated in the 105!

In keeping with Oppo’s own upping the ante, we designed a NEW external tube supply and redesigned our 95 mod to offer the best possible sound with the new supply and new Oppo!

In short, the 105 tube mod IS better than the 95!  It is not a subtle difference and was quite audible!

Thank you and please contact us with any questions or to place an order and get on our list!


Dan W.


ModWright Instruments Inc.


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