Oppo BDP 105 Darbe Edition and DSD!!!

Hi guys, just wanted to point out something that Oppo has released.


The new Oppo BDP-105 ‘Darby Edition’ offers both better video AND DSD 64 AND DSD 128 via USB DAC input – not a feature available with the standard Oppo BDP-105.

All of our 105 mods are DIRECTLY applicable and no change in pricing, implementation or options.  The KEY to this upgrade, in addition to better video from the brilliant guys at Oppo, is that you can NOW listen to DSD1 and DSD2 (64 and 128) streaming music files DIRECTLY from computer!  The standard 105 WILL decode DSD 64, but only via non-DAC USB inputs. you need to navigate on-screen menus or use mobile app.  Music can only be connected to Oppo BDP-105 (standard edition) via USB thumb drive or other external USB drive, but not directly from PC….until now!

The Darby Edition allows you to stream DIRECTLY from your PC and INCLUDES DSD2 (128) capbilities!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up.

The ModWright Oppo 105 mod continues to be one of THE MOST successful mods that we have ever released.  The Darby Edition just gives you MORE options!


Dan Wright

President, ModWright Instruments Inc.

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