New from ModWright!!!

PH 150 Reference Phono


Yes, we are NOW shipping both the new PH 150 Reference Phono stage and ELYSE DAC!!!

Professional photos are still to be arranged….

Basic Specs:

PH 150

MM/MC: 72dB max MC gain; 57dB max MM gain.

Loading: (6) resistive and (6) capacitance loadings via front panel control – on the fly!

Gain Adjustment: Front panel on-the-fly control of gain = 0dB, -6dB, -12dB attenutation.

Input Switching: MM/Mute/MC input switching on-the-fly via front panel controls.
Mono/Stereo Switching: Front panel controls.
Phase Switching: rear toggle.
XLR/RCA Output Switching: Rear toggle selects XLR (fully balanced) or RCA outs.

Power Supply: External, pure SS, via 4ft. umbilical.

Tubes: (2)6C45; (2)6922/6DJ8/7308


Digital Inputs: SPDIF (RCA); SPDIF (BNC); AES/EBU (XLR); USB (24/192 fully asynch).

Analog outputs: XLR (fully balanced); RCA.

DAC: Burr Brown PCM1794.

Digital Technology: FLGA based data and clock buffering via proprietary algorithm and custom dual frequency clock for lowest jitter. DSD capability will be future upgrade option.

Analog Circuitry: Transformer (Lundahl) coupled input and output with no capacitors in signal path. 6922 tube based design.

Power Supply: Separately regulated analog and digital supplies. Tube rectified and SS regulated high voltage supply. Current regulated tube filament supply and redundant digital voltage regulation.

Tube Rolling: Rectifier: 5AR4/5R4GYS/5U4G/5U4GB/5V4G/5V4GB/217.  Driver tubes: 6922/6DJ8/7308.

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