Introducing the PH 150 Ref. Phono!

We are pleased to present the new PH 150 Reference Tube Phono stage with on-the-fly loading and attenuation controls.

The PH 150 is an all tube-transformer coupled design with external SS PS 150 power supply.

Max gain = 72dB.  MM/MC, Stereo/Mono,  RCA and XLR (fully balanced outs) and rear phase toggle.

Resistive and capacitive loading may be adjusted on-the-fly via front panel controls.

Gain may also be adjusted in 0, -6dB and -12dB steps, on-the-fly for both MM and MC inputs.

Inputs may also be switched on-the-fly, from MM to MC carts for tables with multiple arms.

We are very excited about our Flagship PH 150 tube phono stage.  It is receiving praise from around the globe!

For more information, please contact your local ModWright dealer or distributor.  If you do not have a dealer near you, please contact ModWright for more information.

Dan Wright
President, ModWright Instruments Inc.

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