New and Exciting at ModWright!

New Review in The Absolute Sound for the ModWright Oppo 105 Truth Mods, by Jim Hannon! –

Sony HAZ-Z1ES DSD Music Server Mods!

Elyse DAC now Shipping!

PH 150 Reference Tube Phono gains huge praise across the globe!

ModWright Assembles ‘A’ Team for Munich Show in 2015! (Bonn show 2014 video coverage, thank you Cor Dekker!).

Lots to be excited about right now at ModWright.  We are first of all most grateful to Jim Hannon of The Absolute Sound for his fantastic review of our Oppo 105 Truth mods.  I also want to thank Arnie Nudell for his continued praise of our products and immense support of our work.

ModWright’s answer to DSD is the Oppo 105D as DAC (accepts up to DSD2 files via USB input) and the new Sony HAP-Z1ES Hi-rez music server which converts ALL music formats to DSD resolution!

The Oppo 105D is the ultimate Universal Player and DAC, as well as 4K video player for Home Theater.

The Sony HAP-Z1ES offers the ultimate music server solution for those who have made the leap to computer audio and want both Hi-Rez playback and the convenience of having their ENTIRE music library archived in one place, on one source, now with ModWright Truth Level sonics!

The Elyse DAC is ModWright’s Reference tube DAC!  This is the first digital product of our own design and I am peased and proud to name it after my beautiful 5 year old daughter Elyse!  it is Lundahl transformer coupled in and out, direct-coupled with no capacitors in the signal path.  Capable of data rates up to 24/192 (DSD future upgradable), it offers Redbook and Hi-Rez playback via SPDIF, AES/EBU and USB input.  Outputs are RCA and XLR (fully balanced).  Tube complement = (2) 6922’s and (1) 5AR4 (5U4GB, 5V4GB, 5R4GYS, 274 and equivalent rectifiers).

The PH 150 Reference tube phono has shipped to HK, Denmark, UK, Germany, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan and beyond.  With on-the-fly loading for R, C and gain, MM and MC inputs, RCA and XLR fully balanced outputs and 72dB max MC gain, the PH 150 is the ultimate in vinyl playback and flexibility!

Lastly we are excited to announce that plans have been finalized for ModWright to show with the folloiwng ‘A’ team, in Munich 2015:

Endeavor Audio Speakers
The Funk Firm Turntable
Jorma Design Cables
ModWright Instruments Electronics

Following a Best Sound of Show at this years Bonn show, (video courtesy of Cor Dekker) thanks to our German distributor Ibex, we have found this to be a Class A system!

Exciting times at ModWright!

Dan Wright
President, ModWright Instruments Inc.

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