Elyse DAC Feedback!

I want to thank Mr. Anderson for his kind words.  He emailed me today, a brief writeup of how he feels about the Elyse DAC and I had to share.

God bless this Earth, God bless America, and God bless Dan and the ModWright staff. I sold my ModWright Oppo 105 based on Dan’s recommendation to try the Elyse. As the ModWright 105 is like a 5th baseball play-off game in the 9th, and the winning team just hit a game winning homer, the Elyse DAC is the 7th game in the World Series, where the winning team just hit a grand slam to win it all. ModWright has hit this out of the park. The emotion, the texture, the soul of music, has just risen ten fold in my system. I would not have known this by just listening to my previous ModWright 105, but now I have heard the light. I am not a professional reviewer, so I will let them report later on, as they can do a better job than me. I can only express my deepest gratitude to Dan and Alex, and the team at ModWright, for an exceptional, mind/ear bending experience. – J. Anderson, 12/10/14

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