Retail Mod Price = $2995 (Intro mod price = $2500) – MOD SALE PRICE = $2250 – including return shipping!

The Sony HAP-Z1ES with our Truth Mods is a Modern Marvel!  It is the solution to hi-rez music playback without the need of a player or separate DAC/computer combination.  The HAP-Z1ES has an internal 1TB HD and the ability to add additional USB external HD’s for more storage.  It uses dual Burr Brown PCM 1795 DACs and is exceptionally well designed and built.

Our mod takes this great server/player and replaces the stock analog stage with our own Class A, Lundahl Transformer coupled, 6922-based tube analog stage.

Pure Class A.

Zero Negative Feedback.

External tube rectified power supply.

Upgraded ‘Truth’ umbilical to connect external supply to player.

Upgrades to stock digital supplies, including Os-Con caps for lowest jitter and best performance.

The Sony HAP-Z1ES is capable of playing all DSD and DSD2 files AND also converts ALL music files to DSD resolution before decoding!

We have been thrilled with this Modern Machine.  Whether listening to your archived music library, streaming digital radio or other music, you will find the convenience and sound of the Truth Modified HAP-Z1ES player to be fantastic!

It can also be controlled via IOS or Android app with any smart device.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to call or email us directly:



Dan Wright

President, ModWright Instruments Inc.

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