New $1K Phono Design Updates!

Exciting new $1K phono design news!

I have just finished evaluating our new Discrete Opamp Design and it sounds great!

I have first configured a single discrete op-amp with active and passive RIAA correction, with 36dB of MM gain.

I am using a 2.4mV high output MC cartridge into our 11dB gain SWL 9.0 Anniversary Edition and I am getting GOOD gain and sound! With a 5mV MM cart, it would be IDEAL!

Now obviously I am not stopping there, and the final design will be MM and MC.  What is exciting however, is that MM gain can be achieved with low noise and great sound, from a single discrete Opamp!

The next step will be to look at using either a fully discrete MC head-amp for additional gain, vs. two discrete Opamp stages to achieve min. 60dB MC gain.

I just wanted to share this exciting news, because this is a crude prototype and little has been given to shielding of the circuit or enclosure at this point. The finished product will be quiet, flexible, MM/MC and produce exceptional sound at an affordable price!

We are on our way! More to come!



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