ModWright Sonica DAC Mod Axpona Debut!

The ModWright Oppo Sonica DAC Tube Mod made its debut in room 530 at Axpona Chicago last weekend.

We had the best show sound to date!  The Sonica DAC was our digital source, fed via WyWires Diamond USB from Mac Mini, streaming digital from Redbook, Hi-Rez to DSD. People were blown away!

The new Ulysses Apollo speaker with proprietary 10″ Woofer also made its debut. Driven by 30W SE tube amps (Ambrose 30’s), the entire presentation from digital was resolving, harmonically true, fast, dynamic and exciting.  The 96dB efficient Apollos with their ultra-fast 10″ custom woofer produced tight, deep and controlled bass, showing the ultimate potential of the Sonica DAC mod.

We played a wide variety of music from Jazz to rock, folk to classical and everything we played left people stunned.  The last track we played at 4:30 on Sunday, to a full room, was Hugh Masekela’s ‘Coal Train’At the end of the song, everyone just shook their head in silent appreciation.  It was a very exciting show and I am pleased to say that the Oppo Sonica DAC tube mod met all of my expectations, in a system that was already improved in every way, from ModWright, Daedalus Audio and WyWires.

The phone has already started ringing today. If you are interested in tube mods for the Sonica DAC, please call us right away!



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