Oppo UDP-205 Mod Details and Scheduling!

The tube mod developed for the Sonica DAC and proven to be EXCEPTIONAL from our showing at Axpona Chicago this last weekend, WILL be directly transferable to the Oppo UDP-205 Universal 4K player.  The mod PCB will have to be customized to fit the 205, but the circuitry, external supply and implementation will be the same.

Summary of mods offering, schedule and options:

  • Tube mod for UDP-205 will be the same circuit as for the Oppo Sonica DAC. Lundahl transformer input and output coupled, fully balanced, with RCA and XLR fully balanced outs.
  • PS 9.0 (V10) external supply included in the mod.  This is different than the PS 9.0 (V9.9) that was used for the Oppo 105.  Different voltage and only tube rectified, not tube regulated. NOTE: OLDER PS 9.0 supplies (V9.0 and V9.9 versions) WILL NOT work with this mod.
  • Truth umbilical will be included (all copper conductors, no silver).  Any existing truth mod umbilical will work with this new mod.
  • IEC upgraded to Furutech.
  • Mod will include damping mods to enclosure and drive.
  • Base tube mod, including external PS 9.0 (V10) and Truth Umbilical = $2500.
  • Audio Magic Pulse Gen option is available: Price = $400 (add option)

Timeline for UDP-205 Mods:

  • 2-3 weeks before first mods ship.  PCB outline needs to be revised and new PCBs ordered.
  • 7-10 day turnaround for all mod customers from scheduled start date to ship date.
  • Orders will be taken and scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. We currently have 7 customers who have already scheduled the mod. We have another 35 people who have been given this same information by email.
  • Early customers to schedule in the next week will receive special pricing.

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