Customer Testimonials – Oppo UDP-205 Mods!

Our customers say it best….

Just a few testimonials from our Oppo UDP-205 mod customers.

I’ve done a fair amount of critical listening this afternoon & the 205 is now revealing instruments I have not identified in the music before. Also the music has more presence, not that it seemed to lack presence with the 105. I’ll be doing an ABA comparison in the next few days but the conclusion seems to be pretty clear! There is one problem with it though – a desire to spend too much time listening to the music!
A very satisfied customer.

– P. Bain 7.17.17

It sounds fantastic! (even with the stock tubes!)
Clear powerful improvement in the bass.  Dynamics, which were already good, have improved and resolved considerably.  Detail is greater, but that might be because of the improved dynamics of the inner detail. I am really hearing microdynamics that I have not heard before in oft-listened-to recordings. Soundstage has widened significantly.  And overall clarity and “naturalness” of the music seems to have improved.
My previous DAC was a dual-femto-clocked DAC, with a separate external linear power supply.  It is well regarded.  But your 205 upgrade crushes it.
I have tried CD’s, SACD’s, high resolution source material via USB, including DSD, and it all sounds incredibly detailed and clear.  And musical.  I have found that some mods can improve this part of the sound, or that part, but the overall musicality goes out of balance.  Your 205 mods keep the music nicely balanced, without any frequency ranges dominating. 

– B.Cesanek, 8.11.17

I am so impressed with your Oppo and I consider it definitely reference grade.… the 205 is everything you said and more……As good as your Sony 5400 is I do not play it much recently………Totally pleased with your mod Dan. 
S. Blanton 8.25.17

Thanks for the feedback and support!

Dan Wright
President, ModWright Instruments Inc.

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