Capital Audio Fest Demo Sale and Mod Feedback!

We are preparing for the Capital Audio Fest (CAF) 2017 show in D.C. and now is the time to purchase our Demos at great prices!



Oppo UDP-205 with full Truth tube mods + Audio Magic Upgrade–>***SOLD***

Oppo UDP-205 with full Truth tube mods + Audio Magic Upgrade–>***SOLD***

What some of our customers have to say about the UDP-205 Mod!

” This dac is an impressive marriage of the best of both worlds:  the newest SABRE dac chip and all its details and clarity, married with easily Dan’s best tube mod to date.  The results are a dac that outperforms anything close to it in price, with musically real images that are saturated in color and texture like never before.  A Martin sounds like a Martin, a Taylor like a Taylor.  That’s what you want in a dac.” – T. Brady (10.02.17)

I’ve had an extended listen to the Modwright-modified OPPO UDP-205 ultra HD Bluray disc player from Amboy, WA that comes with a separate tube power supply and a two-tube addition, etc. to the player itself.  The modifications are cosmetically pleasing, so seamlessly incorporated in the housing that the casual observer will think it is a factory option.

My former disc player was an OPPO BDP-103 that I think has a great sound, and I was reluctant to replace it. That was then.

Let’s cut to the chase: the Modwright OPPO UDP-205 is a phenomenal player that beautifully presents the music as I presume the artist would want. The sound is at once accurate, inviting, rich, warm, spacious, and listenable for extended periods of time.  The sound is so natural and balanced I find myself smiling during certain engaging musical passages.

Treasured discs I haven’t listened to for awhile reveal nuances I don’t recall hearing during their periods of regular playing…..I find myself wanting to listen to everything in my collection again just to see what might be newly revealed.

My audiophile pursuit has been focused entirely on obtaining the best listening experience possible….hopefully recreating what the artist and producer heard when they listened to the final mixes prior to release.  This device has me convinced I’m a major step closer, if not at that goal!

The Modwright OPPO UDP-205 has a permanent place in my stereo cabinet until I can be convinced another player is better, and judging from the extraordinary costs of other audiophile players, I find myself unlikely to change my mind.” – R. Russel (10.09.17)

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