Getting ready to leave for Capital Audio Fest 2018 in Rockville MD! Always a great show!

We will be showing there:

Our new LS 300 two-box, fully balanced, dual-mono Reference tube preamp. (Demo already spoken for!)

It will be driving a Black KWA 150SE.

Sources will be: PH 9.0 tube phono and Oppo Sonica DAC with ModWright ‘Truth’ Tube modifications.

We wil also have a HA 300, 300B HP/Inegrated amp, driving Destination Audio, beautiful Horn Speakers from Poland! (Demo also spoken for!)

We have the following demo pieces available for sale:

Oppo Sonica DAC with Truth Tube Mods = $1750 – shipped ($3300 retail) – SOLD

KWA 150SE SS Reference power amp = $5750 – shipped ($9K retail)

If you are interested, please call or email us right away! Our demos always sell fast, often before we even leave for the show!

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