Capital Audio Fest 2018 Show Coverage!

“…this system was pure magic, with depth, space, and air in abundance. The degree of detail, focus, and bloom was off the hook, especially for the system price. Tonality was spot on, with impressively honest timbre and a faithful presentation of musical texture. Wow! Who’d a thunk it! Great job Dan and “Fritz!” – Greg Weaver for Enjoy The Music


Big thanks to Greg Weaver for his coverage of our room at Capital Audio Fest 2018! We went out on a limb with 8W of 300B Integrated tube power from our HA 300 amp  driving the fantastic Fritz Speakers Carrera monitors, rated at 87dB. The nominal 8 ohm impedance and linear first order crossover play a large part in this success.

HA 300:

The 300B has a beauty of tone and texture that is unique and special to tubes and Direct Heated Triodes. There is an intimacy, immediacy and organic tonality that only a well designed tube amp can provide. The HA 300 Integrated and Headphone Amp is very special in this regard. I am grateful to Greg for sharing his experience with the truly magical sound that we achived in this room.

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