Pioneer UHD LX800 Mod Potential!

Impressive build! Very heavy, completely solid and non-resonant with fantastic shielding and rigid construction. This is a well designed piece!

I am just playing CD’s through the Pioneer UDP-LX800 right now to burn it in and I am IMPRESSED! VERY black background, wide soundstage and very resolving and beautiful sounding!

I believe the attention that Pioneer payed to the mechanical build, with individually mechanically and electrically shielded audio, transformer, video, power supplies can be HEARD in its presentation! I am not typically this impressed with a STOCK unit!

The LX500 should ALSO be very interesting! Much of the same design attention was paid to this unit also!

The LX500 also has potential! I am going to be looking hard at both of them! I just happen to have the fortune to spend some time with the 800 first, thanks to a customer!

Let me know what level of interest there is in mods for these new UHD Players!

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