Customer Feedback on PH 9.0X Upgrade!

I like our customers to say it for us. I know that the PH 9.0X is a huge $995 upgrade to an already giant killer $2900 tube phono stage…but it always means the most when I hear how happy our customers are!

“Hi Dan, a little feedback for you. My system sounds fabulous with the PH 9.0X, way better than it has ever sounded.“ – R. Owen

“After about 50 hours of burn in, the sound is really opening up. My vinyl set up never sounded so good. Many thanks for all you do for music lovers Dan!” – R. Jones

“My upgraded PH-9X arrived in Denmark a few weeks ago, and it has now had about 50 hours of use. I originally ordered the version with balanced out, but found that it sounded best single ended.

The upgrade is imo definitely worth the expense. It has transformed a great phonostage into a magnificent one. All it’s original virtues are intact, but the insight into the music has expanded considerably due to it performing at a much higher level. I am now running balanced out with my favorite Amperex USN-CEP 7303’s doing it’s magic.

It is difficult to describe the update in audiophile terms, so let me try by giving score:

If the PH-9 has a score of 100 in it’s original form, then the PH-9X would get a conservative 150 score in my book. That is quite a lot, as we are already up in the higher levels, where differences are small.

It is hard for me to believe it can get better than this after the transformers has had more playing time, but I will gladly accept it. 

All in all: If you upgrade, prepare yourself for quite a sonic revelation. I am extremely satisfied.

Best Wishes from Denmark” – Carsten

“I just wanted to comment on my impressions from the 9.0X upgrade.

I dug through my things and I found a Hagerman reverse RIAA box that I had purchased a few years back.  I hooked it up to my CD player and ran in the PH 9.0 for a week (to avoid unnecessary wear on my expensive cartridge).

Last night I finally hooked up the PH 9.0 to hear it after the transformers had some burn in time.  I was not prepared for what to expect.

The bass was articulate, accurate, and prodigious without being out of balance.  The airy highs were back (and surpassed) what I remember from before the upgrade.  The balance from top to bottom is remarkable.  The soundstage is huge without sounding unnatural.  The space around performers blends in a natural way like a live event.  Imaging is reach out and touch you on well recorded albums.” – G. Clagett

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