Respect for our phono stages from Harry Weisfeld!

I am embarrassed to say that I just became aware of this blog post and ‘review’ of our PH 150 Reference phono stage by Harry Weisfeld, founder of VPI. We have had a PH 150 at the VPI House for a few years now. It is a fantastic place! A ‘Disney Land’ of analog and audio if you will, in NJ.

I have known Harry Weisfeld for some time and have great respect for VPI and their products.

I am honored and grateful to read Harries review of the PH 150.

For those who are looking for a phono stage closer to $3K retail, please consider our PH 9.0 and PH 9.0X ($995 upgrade to bring it that much closer to the performance of the PH 150.

The PH 150 is our Reference tube phono stage and the PH 9.0 is based on the same design, but scaled down to meet a different price point. 

I am passionate about vinyl as is Harry.

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