Cambridge CXN Streamer DAC mods

We have been offering a fantastic mod for the Cambridge Audio CXN (V1 and V2) Streamer DAC for a while now. I have not had a chance to arrange a professional review, but our customers have been thrilled and based on the consistent increase in mod orders, our customers like it!

This review was posted by one of our customers on the DecWare forum. Steve Deckert has been designing and building tube amps preamps and speakers for years. I have the greatest respect for Steve and his work! The review resides on his forum:

Link to product details on our site:

This product is to me, the modern version of the Slim Devices Transporter that we modified A LOT of, many years ago. The Transporter originated near the beginning of computer audio and it was a great product. The Cambridge CXN does all that the Transporter did and SO MUCH more! DSD, Hi-Rez, Tidal and Spotify streaming as well as Roon compatible. Digital inputs and outputs via WiFi, Bluetooth, RCA, optical, USB, ethernet…you get the idea!

It is a streamer for use with any server (Roon, etc.) as well as any streaming service of course. It is also a great DAC, with dual mono Wolfson DACs.

We do what we do best! We keep the good parts and fix the weaknesses. In this case, we replace the op-amp based analog stage with a Lundahl transformer coupled Class A tube stage, based on our $10K LS 300 Reference Dual Mono tube preamp. We also provide our own power supply for high voltage and low voltage, including a linear supply for the 5V DAC supply.

It is simply a World Class digital product that does virtually everything you need to do, at a price that represents tremendous value!

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Wright
President, ModWright Instruments Inc.

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