PH 9.0 Customer Testimonial!

I have always felt that our customers say it best. I received this email from a customer who recently purchased a PH 9.0 from us.

ModWright does sell through dealers. We also will sell directly to customers that call from regions for which we don’t have dealers. The price from dealers or from ModWright direct is the same, retail.

I want to thank you for the wonderful stereo preamp you and Kristin sold me last April.  I now have about 250 hours on my PH 9 and want to let you know what I think and why I bought from you.

What separated you from the competition…[companies X, Y and Z, not named, with products in the same price range]. I am choosing not to name other companies, but rather referring to them as X, Y and Z to give the feedback relevance. There is no hidden agenda here. I just did not feel it appropriate to use the actual company names.

I like the way you can make adjustments on the outside of your unit.  I own a [compnay Z product] and it is a pain to change the settings on that unit

[Company X] actually has more settings than you on the output level, and can be easily set as well.  But [company Y] did not have the proper output I was looking for.  It was either too low or too high.  You have one in the middle that is just right.

However, this is really what steered me away from [company X]. I read more than 1 review where customers sent emails about the unit and they never answered.  Kristin answered my first email promptly.  I was impressed.

I emailed [company Z] about how I was thinking about up grading, with my particulars, and I never heard back from them.  This was after I was a satisfied customer that just became unsatisfied.  Again, I thought about the email from Kristin.

Then you sent me an email and I almost fell over getting one from the Owner and Designer himself. Both of you answered my questions and Dan, you helped me with a nice demo which helped seal the deal.

I want to say I understand that [company Z] goes through dealers, but some dealers are not informed with all the various units because I asked.  They tend to know about the ones on the floor, but stumbled on the other ones. [company Z] could have been asset informing me which one they thought would match my unit best.  FYI, I have a VPI Prime Scout Table and VPI sells through dealers, but they were very good answering 2 questions I had about my table. This is good Customer Support after the sale. When you pay thousands of dollars, that means something.

The fact that you have a great product, with fantastic communication that makes your competition look bad, were the 2 driving factors to buy from you.  I also will not buy a unit that cost several thousand dollars without testing it in my system.  That is too much money for trial and error, and you were so willing to let me test the unit first because you believed in the unit you made. – G. Sinchak (12.3.2021)

At ModWright, we believe in putting our customers first and make customer service a priority. We expect the same from our dealers and have been very selective in who we allow to represent our products with this in mind.

When we receive feedback like this, it only reaffirms that we have been doing things right for over 21 years now!


Dan Wright
CEO, ModWright Instruments Inc.

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