Analog Bridge Beta Feedback!

Here is some of the first feedback received from our Beta customers about the Analog Bridge. I decided to release a limited number of units to Beta Customers and dealers before going into full production, to be sure that I had it right and to see if there were any details that could be improved.

The verdict is in! Our Beta Customers love it! Our dealers are also excited about it and tell me that it IS a product that they can sell with confidence!

I will be posting more feedback as it comes in! We still have units from the production run available and the next production run is under way!

Equipment: Lumim T2 dac / streamer or Anthem avm 60. To Analog Bridge. Innersound DPR-500.

I have tried a few different rectifiers. Every time i get a better rectifier, the level of everything as a whole is brought up, clarity, detail, space, imaging, depths, separation, and weight.

The Analog Bridge has improved everything. From the bass clarity improvement to the richness of vocals and the taming of harsh digital treble, its all there.

I mainly listen to hip hop, R&B and lots of various electronic music. I tested it with lots of tv and movies as well. All performances improved. It really doesn’t matter what it plays. It just works on whatever you feed it. – Dana – 2.2023

Equipment: Sonnet Hermes DSD >I2S connection > Sonnet Morpheus DAC > Balanced XLRs to ModWright Buffer > Balanced XLRs to Cary Audio 200.2ES SS Amplifier > KEF R3 speakers.

I find the buffer enjoyable and to add a tube dimension that is appealing.

I feel as though the MW analog bridge has added a level of musical note decay that I find appealing. It does not seem to have reduced the dynamic range of my system or compressed it in any way. 

I listen to several different genres of music – primarily softer rock, jazz, and some blue grass. I find vocals to be expressive and emotional with the unit (like most good tube gear). So has it improved my overall system…

I think for anyone looking to add some of the instrument separation/space, emotional uplift, and enhanced note decay – this unit is a good choice. It also gives a lot of flexibility to the listener to switch between systems and to switch sound character. – J. Kenyon, 2.2023

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