PH 9.0 Tube Rectified Power Supply Upgrade!

PH 9.0 ‘T’ – Tube Rectified power supply upgrade:

Our customers say it best….

This is easily the best sound I’ve ever gotten from my system. It feels as though I can walk right into the space where the Bill Evans trio is playing” – S. Apter, March 2023.

“I’m in love with the PH 9.0 with tube PS. Sound is amazing!” – J. Cuson, April 2023.

“Better tone, soundstage, extension and detail right off the bat. Nice work!” –J. Jensen, April 2023

 “I am completely drawn in and able to relax and just enjoy.”– R. Colburn, March 2023.

The PH 9.0 is our best selling tube phono stage. It is based on the PH 150 Reference tube phono, but priced at over $5,000 less.

The PH 9.0 is also available as the PH 9.0X, an upgrade that further bridges the gap in performance between the PH 9.0 and PH 150. The ‘X’ upgrade includes fully balanced outputs and 6dB more gain than the PH 9.0. The upgrade involves replacing the final output stage with that from the PH 150. The result is better bass, high frequency extension, dynamics and a more overall open musical presentation.

The recent upgrade that we have offered for the PH 9.0 series of phono stages, is the tube rectified power supply. I have experimented with this for some time and after comparison to the stock solid state rectifier, found the benefits to be obvious and worthwhile. Again, back to our Reference PH 150 design, I also included a further high-voltage pre-regulator to the external supply, in addition to the tube rectifier. The ‘T’ upgrade then includes tube rectification and the high voltage pre-regulation stage.  The results include a bigger and broader soundstage, more body and a more holographic presentation of the music. Tube rectification offers a unique quality that is simply more musical. There is a reason that most all of our preamps are tube rectified.

The ‘X’ upgrade for the PH 9.0 is $1250.

The ‘T’ upgrade for the PH 9.0 is $500.

When buying a PH 9.0 phono stage, you can opt for the X and or T upgrades and the price for these adds is the same, if ordered new, or chosen as a factory-direct upgrade later on.

We have quite a number of PH 9.0 and PH 9.0X phono stages in the market. If you have a PH 9.0 or PH 9.0X and are looking for an upgrade to your sound, please contact us!

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