Pacific Audio Fest 2023 Coverage

Jason Victor Serinus writing for Stereophile was the first to post about our room 1351 with Revel Speakers where he was very pleased!

Next, huge thanks to Marc Phillips, writing for Part Time Audiophile for his coverage of our room and the fantastic KWA 99 MOSFET mono blocks  that we showed in full production form. Marc witnessed a pair being sold to a customer right there!

Big thanks to Audiophile Junkie for their YouTube coverage of our room with Franco Serblin speakers!

Also Audiophile Junkie’s YouTube Coverage of our room with Revel Speakers!

Amir’s Audio Science Review had this to say about our room with the Revel Speakers:
“I don’t know why but as soon as I went to this small/standard hotel room and saw the Revel speakers I thought, “boy, this is not going to compete with the big systems I had been seeing.” Man, was I wrong!

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