ModWright Black Friday Sale 2023!

ModWright’s Black Friday Sale! (Through Nov 24, 2023)

All Phono ‘X’, ‘T’ upgrades and phono reference umbilical are 20% off through Friday Nov. 24th!

Any PH 9.0 standard may be upgraded to ‘X’ level: $1000 Sale Price ($1250 normally).

The ‘X’ upgrade consists of a circuit revision that adds Lundahl gapped output transistors, doing away with coupling capacitors. This upgrade adds fully balanced ouptuts, +6dB more gain and makes a significant difference in sonics, with better bass, improved resolution, detail and dynamics.

Any PH 9.0 or PH 9.0X may be upgraded to PH 9.0T or PH 9.0XT level: $400 Sale Price ($500 normally).

The ‘T’ upgrade consists of upgrades to the external supply to add tube rectification and high voltage pre-regulator for even lower noise and increased and improved soundstage.

The ModWright Reference Phono umbilical: 4ft = $316 ($395 normally); 6ft = $396 ($495 normally). 

It is designed by us, specifically for the PH 9.0/X/T phono stage. It includes the purest Cardas metals conductors, proprietary shielding geometry and carbon fiber cloth jacketing. This allows for the lowest noise and cleanest power path possible from power supply to phono stage.

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