New Vibration Isolation Products!

I have been quite pleased to use the DiD’s (Daedalus Isolation Devices) at the last two shows with Lou from Daedalus Audio.  These devices have been designed by Lou Hinkley over the past couple of years and they are extremely effective!

The design operates on the principles of vibration dissipation between multi-dissimilar material boundaries as well as through rotational energy.  The design incorporates AL, steel, hardwood and brass, and includes steel ball bearings inside the device to allow for the dissipation of rotational energy.  Rather than reflect vibrational energy back into the device, or transmit it to a rack or other high-mass base, the device actually dissipates the energy itself.

I was very impressed with the what I heard, including increase in space, depth, resolution and low-level detail, that simply brings you closer to the actual live musical event.

At RMAF and Capital Audiofest, we did live-demonstrations in which we played a track with and without the DiD’s under the Elyse DAC.  The results were clear and obvious to those present. I have found them to be exceptionally effective under ANY tube gear in PARTICULAR, but also under SS products.

They were standard issue as the footers for our 845 DS Cost No Object SET monoblocks as well as our Ambrose 10W SE amp.

Intro retail price is $160 EA or $480/set of three as I recommend them to be used.

We are offering discounts to ALL of our mod customers and MWI product owners.  Please call or email for more information.


Dan W.

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