Spring PH 9.0 Upgrade Sale!

Spring PH 9.0 Upgrade Sale!

Call 360.247.6688 or email kristin.modwright@yahoo.com

***20% off all PH 9.0 upgrades and free domestic return shipping***

(Factory Direct upgrades only)

The PH 9.0 tube phono stage has been our best selling product to date! I feel that we really hit the mark with this unit for its performance and extremely high value for the price!

The PH 9.0 is just the starting point!

We also offer the 9.0X upgrade, including the output stage from our PH 150 Ref. design, fully balanced outputs, +6dB more gain, better detail, bass respose and overall resolution!

‘X’ upgrade cost = $1250 + return shipping.

***Now $1000 and free domestic return shipping***

The latest upgrade we now offer is the ‘T’ upgrade, or the PH 9.0XT. This adds tube rectification and a high voltage pre-regulator to the external supply. The tube rectifier adds more body, broader soundstage and the ability to further tune the sound to your tastes with the use of different rectifier tubes.

‘T’ upgrade = $500 + return shipping.

***Now $400 and free domestic return shipping***

It is important to note that the upgrade costs are reflected in the new retail price. This means that you can purchase a 9.0, 9.0X or 9.0XT new or add the upgrades later, for the same incremental cost.

PH 9.0 = $3500 Retail.

PH 9.0X = $4750 Retail.

PH 9.0XT = $5250 Retail.

If you do not have a PH 9.0/X/T phono stage now, then call your local ModWright Dealer!

If you have a PH 9.0 and are looking to upgrade, contact us now!

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